Alan Rolfe Architectural Illustration

I have worked as an architectural illustrator for over 20 years.
I produce accurate, detailed, quality architectural illustrations (artist impressions) for house builders, estate agents , architects and developers to use in their marketing and sales publicity.
I specialise in traditional watercolour illustrations paying particular attention to detail and accuracy.004 modern house
How it works
  •  After discussing the project with the client I am able to give a rough idea of cost and timescale.
  • After receiving the plans, elevations, site plan and any useful photos by email or post, I will give the client an accurate quote .If we are agreed on this I will produce an accurate black and white line drawing to establish the best viewpoint /angle for the project.
  •  When the viewpoint is agreed I will then draw in the detail and email this to the client, once approved I will discuss any amendments, materials and details with the client before proceeding to the final colour illustration.
If required I can send a high resolution image by email or on disc along with the original by special delivery, this would be at an additional cost.
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